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the Sockborns The Sockborns
This irresistable trio are the Sockborns. Made from soft baby socks, they are the cuddliest little handfuls you'll ever meet. Each doll takes only one sock to complete. Their simple little one piece outfits are made from t-shirt knit - in fact, we cut up old t-shirts to make them. So quick and easy to make, you'll want to whip up a dozen of them! Little kids can't resist playing with them, posing them and arranging them all over the house. We'll include the pattern to make the dolls from baby socks, plus simple patterns for their clothes, with complete, illustrated, step-by-step instructions. We show them made from baby socks, but different size socks will produce all sorts of different size dolls! This is a perfect project to do with a beginning sewer. Remember, if you are making these dolls for a young child, embroider the eyes and hair on, or use a fabric paint for them.

#6070 PDF Pattern for The Sockborns.......$6.90

toys for dolls ~ 12 toys in one pattern ~
Stuffed Toys and Dolls for Dolls
You can make dolls and stuffed toys for all of your dolls with this pattern. Includes a rag doll, a pretty faced dolly, teddy bear and stuffed dog, each in three different sizes. Dolls are made of muslin, with yarn or floss hair. Pattern includes simple clothing for each. Dog and Bear have button joints and can be made from muslin, felt or lightweight flannel.

A total of 12 different soft toys, ranging in size from about 2 inches to 10 inches tall. You'll want to make them for everyone from Patsy and tiny Betsy size, to My Twinn dolls - or for a lucky little child! Perfect way to use up some of your scraps.

#2010 PDF Pattern for Tiny Stuffed Toys and Dolls........$9.90

Stella and Little Stella Stella & Little Stella
Sweet faced Stella is 23 inches tall, with a soft, cotton jersey cuddly body. Her face is made with a few simple soft sculpture stitches. She has acrylic yarn hair and button eyes. She can wear clothing made with Morrissey Dolls My Twinn sized patterns. Her beloved doll, Little Stella, is her own twin doll. Little Stella is 10 inches tall, with tiny button eyes and yarn hair. She fits into the Morrissey Dolls patterns for 10 inch Ann Estelle.

Pattern includes both dolls and their matching dresses, plus panties, shoes and socks.

#6027 PDF Pattern for Stella & Little Stella.........$9.90

Tessie Toddler Tessie Toddler
Cuddly Tessie Toddler is made from t-shirt knit fabric. She stands 20 inches tall, with a silly baby pot belly and big feet. She wears real baby shoes size 4, and if you hold her hands above her head, she'll walk like a little wobbly toddler! Pattern includes her dress, undershirt & panties, plus her play outfit of t-shirt and patched knee bib overalls.

#6064 PDF Pattern for Tessie Toddler........$9.90

Big Happy Kids Big Happy Kids
These huggable friends have cute, simple faces and are made of cuddly soft t-shirt knit. These cuties are 24, 29 and 32 inches tall, and all wear real baby clothing. We think you'll have a lot of fun with them, we sure did! (The clothing sizes we give with each doll are approximate. Sizing will vary depending on the fabric you use to make your dolls, and the manufacturer of the clothes.)
Although we have the middle one as a boy, you can make any of them boys or girls, after all, you're picking out their clothes!

Abigail Abigail
Abigail is the little one, standing just about 24 inches tall. She wears 0-6 month size clothing though she'll need bigger shoes than that. (We used size 4 shoes on ours, but it depends on how much you stuff the feet.) We show her as a boy too. The only difference is the hairdo we created. Her pattern includes instructions for braids or straight hair that can be trimmed to any length.

#6028 PDF Pattern for Abigail.........$8.00

George George
We really had fun with little George. Doesn't he look cute in this little nautical outfit we found for him? He's 29 inches tall, and wears 12 month size clothing. Hair can be trimmed to boy or girl length. Cute as a playmate, or just to have sitting around in your house!

#6029 PDF Pattern for George........$8.00

Gertie Gertie
Gertie is the biggest of our happy little kids. She stands 32-33 inches tall and wears 24 month to 2T clothing. Quite a handful for a small child to handle, but little kids love to lug her around anyway. Big enough to be displayed on kid size or real furniture. Maybe you have some special outfit your own children outgrew that she could wear?

#6030 PDF Pattern for Gertie.........$8.00

Maddie & Max Maddie & Max
Sweet and simple - that's what we call little Maddie & Max. Soft little baby dolls are a cuddly 12 inches tall, with painted faces and floss hair. Simple construction is easy enough for a beginner, even a child. Pattern includes dress and pjs. Made from muslin or flannel.

#6058 PDF Pattern for Maddie & Max.........$9.90

Maggie and Keshia Maggie & Keshia
These adorable kids are still my daughter's favorites, no matter how many new dolls we create! They are made from t-shirt knit, so they're very cuddly, and incredibly posable. They're so much fun to make new outfits for, we had to create a separate wardrobe pattern for them. Dolls are 15 inches tall, with sew on googly eyes, thick yarn hair and minimal soft sculpting to make their faces. Pattern includes their undies, undershirt, t-shirt, overalls, socks and shoes.

#6024 PDF Pattern for Maggie & Keshia.........$9.90

Wardrobe for Maggie & Keshia Maggie & Keshia's Wardrobe
Once you make Maggie & Keshia, you're going to want to start dressing them, so we created a complete wardrobe pattern for them. It includes two dresses, slip, jumper, skirt, two tops, nightgown, coat and hat, scarf and mittens, play jacket, summer playset and jeans.

#6025 PDF Pattern for Maggie & Keshia's Wardrobe.........$9.90

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