~ Mailed patterns for Lee Middleton 19-20" Newborns ~

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newborn lacy dress ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
V Front Lacy Dress
Here's a pretty dress for your babies - full of lots of lace, with a full, 90 inch skirt. Long sleeves are gathered and cuffed, with lace trim. Peter pan style collar is also lace trimmed. Front V panel dips onto the skirt, and is also lace trimmed. Add the matching, lace trimmed bonnet for a truly adorable outfit.

#64808 Pattern for V Front Lacy Dress.......$6.50

cardigan and dress set ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Cardigan and Dress Set
A similar version of this outfit was so popular with our girls sized dolls, that we had to make it for these babies too! Cute little outfit includes a long sleeve or sleeveless dress with ruffle trim. Dress has a full skirt, and closes in back. Matching floppy brimmed hat also has ruffle trim. Add the simple fleece or knit cardigan with a front tie, and you're all set.

#65008 Pattern for Cardigan and Dress Set.......$6.50

Ribbons and Lace ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Ribbons and Lace Party Dress
Sometimes even the babies need to get all dressed up for something fancy - so here's the perfect dress for your little ones' special occasions. Dress has a very full skirt, with sheer or netted over-skirt. Lace trims the elasticized sleeves, the collar and the hemline, as well as on the shoulders. Add a pretty ribbon or silk flower accent at the waist and your little baby will be irresistable. Dress closes in back, is about knee length.

#65108 Pattern for Ribbons and Lace Party Dress.......$6.50

Vest Dress ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Vest Front Dress
You're limited only by your imagination when it comes to all the color combinations that will look cute with this dress. Very full skirt has contrasting trim strip and lace at hem. Sleeves are full, lace trimmed and elasticized. Attached vest laces up with pretty ribbons. Dress is about knee length, closes in back.

#64908 Pattern for Vest Front Dress.......$6.50

Christening Gown ~ 3 Piece Set ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Christening Gown ~ Three Piece Set
Beautiful christening set is easier to make than it looks. Lace and ribbon trimmed set features a sleeveless gown that snaps in back, with applique trim on front. Overjacket gathers at the wrist with ribbon ties. Matching bonnet is precious.

#80108 Pattern for Christening Gown ~ Three Piece Set.......$6.50

Baby's Special Day ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Baby's Special Day
Pretty enough for your absolute favorite newborn! Features generous amounts of lace and ribbon trim, full sleeves and an extra long gown. Matching bonnet has delicate lace trim to frame baby's face. A great way to make good use of any special lace you've been saving.

#63608 Pattern for Baby's Special Day.......$6.50

Long Dress and Pinafore ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Long Dress and Pinafore
I took this design from outfits I made my own daughters and their dolls many years ago. They look just as cute today. Dress has long sleeves with elastic gathering at cuffs, lace trimmed neck edge and a full skirt. Two lengths - either knee length or mid calf. Pinafore has gathered cap sleeves, back ties and a full skirt. Pattern includes three optional full color iron-on transfers for pinafore yoke.

#72908 Pattern for Long Dress and Pinafore.......$6.50

Romper & Ruffles ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Romper & Ruffles
Delightfully versatile romper can be worn alone or with the ruffled pinafore. Back snapping romper features an empire waist bodice, full gathered sleeves and legs with lace trimmed cuffs that snap at the wrist and ankle. Full collar is lace trimmed to match. Pinafore has a full skirt, ruffled sleeve caps, and a purchased applique, as does the beret.

#62608 Pattern for Romper & Ruffles.......$6.50

Sweet as an Angel ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Sweet as an Angel
A favorite style for dolls of all types. Empire waist blouse has a full skirt and full sleeves with elastic at the wrists. Lace trim at neckline, sleeve ends and along waist seam. Full cut pants have elastic at the ankles and waist. Matching bonnet has lace trimmed edging and ribbon ties. Back opening is ribbon gathered and adjustable.

#63308 Pattern for Sweet as an Angel.......$6.50

Birthday Party Pretty ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Birthday Party Pretty
Lots of lace and contrasting trim adorn this pretty little outfit - fit for a birthday party or any other special occasion - like adorning your livingroom! Full skirted dress closes in back, is mid calf length, with long sleeves. Pantaloons have elastic waist and elastic at the ankles. Fancy little beret is also lace trimmed.

#64008 Pattern for Birthday Party Pretty.......$6.50

Trip to the Zoo ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Trip to the Zoo
Pretty enough for a trip to the zoo - or maybe just surrounded by stuffed animals! Long sleeve dress buttons down the front. It has a wide trimmed collar and contrasting cuffs. Matching hat has a wide brim with fancy button accent. Pull on bloomers have elastic at the waist and ankles.

#64108 Pattern for Trip to the Zoo.......$6.50

Gramma's Visit ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Gramma's Visit
Here's a pretty little outfit you're going to love. Three piece outfit consists of an a-line, ribbon trim dress, a lace trimmed coat and matching little bonnet. Pick a couple of fancy buttons from your stash to adorn the coat. Coat and bonnet are also handy to have to go with any other pretty dresses, too.

#64208 Pattern for Gramma's Visit.......$6.50

Comfy Cuddlers ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Comfy Cuddlers
Soft one piece cuddlers have roomy long sleeves and long legs, with ribbed cuffs and collar. Snap closing from neck to crotch - can be in front or back. Cropped jacket is lined, with wide folded cuffs. Cap is also lined, and has a folded brim. Little bootees have elastic at the ankles and button trim.

#63208 Pattern for Comfy Cuddlers.......$6.50

Three Piece Bunting Set ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Three Piece Bunting Set
Toasty bunting to keep little ones warm as can be. Lined jacket has ribbed cuffs and front snaps. Lined cap has ear flaps that tie under the chin. Tuck baby into the cozy lined sack and snap up the front. What little girl could resist this?

#78707 Pattern for Three Piece Bunting Set.......$6.50

Cuffed Romper Set ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Cuffed Romper Set
One of my personal favorites - it makes a baby doll so cuddly to hold! One piece romper has ribbed collar and cuffs at ankles and wrists. Back snap closing. Depending on your fabric choice, this outfit can be playwear or sleepwear. Short jacket and cap are lined, with wide fold-over cuffs.

#78907 Pattern for Cuffed Romper Set.......$6.50

Footed PJs and Sleep Sack ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Footed PJs and Sleep Sack
Every baby doll needs these! Footed pjs have back snap closing on top, with snaps along lower edge to attach to bottoms. Sleep sack also snaps in back. Both have ribbed collars and cuffs. Especially cute in a soft jersey or t-shirt knit.

#78607 Pattern for Footed PJs and Sleep Sack.......$6.50

Baby Gown and Sleeper ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Baby Gown and Sleeper
Baby sized sleepwear is easy to make and looks adorable on any baby doll. Footed one-piece sleeper and gown both have front snap closing and ribbed collars. Two types of pull-on nightcaps are included in the pattern.

#80207 Pattern for Baby Gown and Sleeper.......$6.50

Heart Trim Jacket Set ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Heart Trim Jacket Set
Make this cute set in a wool blend, fleece or corduroy - it's guaranteed to become an instant favorite! Slightly flared jacket has contrasting collar, cuffs and patch pockets. We added buttons to match the appliques. Bonnet has wide brim, snapping neck strap and appliques to match jacket. Elastic waist pants have contrasting cuffs and knee patches. Five different applique designs include a simple heart, star, flower, cat and bear.

#72407 Pattern for Heart Trim Jacket Set.......$6.50

Baby Buntings ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Baby Buntings
Keep your littliest ones toasty warm with either of these cozy little buntings. Sack style bunting has a hood, contrast trim and cuffs, and ties at the neck. Legged style bunting has a separate cap, snap front and ribbed collar and cuffs..

#80507 Pattern for Baby Buntings.......$6.50

Hooded Buntings ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Hooded Buntings
Baby dolls look especially sweet in these cozy buntings, and little girls can't seem to resist them! Very easy to make in fleece or knit. Two styles, one piece sack, or two piece bunting with pants, both have Velcro closing. Cuffs have elastic, and hoods are lined. We added purchased appliques to the front.

#78407 Pattern for Hooded Buntings.......$6.50

multi romper ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Multi Romper
This cuffed romper has a fabric collar and six different decorative front styles. Easy to make and lots of fun to embellish and get creative. Cute in jersey or knits. Make one or make all six.

#86708 Pattern for Multi Romper.......$6.50

Durable Denims ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Durable Denims
Great playwear for any doll. Four piece set includes bibbed overalls and bibbed skirt, both with shoulder straps and elasticized back waistband. Hooded jacket has zipper front, patch pockets and cuffs. Turtleneck has snap closure in back. Cute in denim, cotton blends, corduroy.

#77508 Pattern for Durable Denims.......$6.50

Jumper, Romper and Blouse ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Jumper, Romper and Blouse
Both romper and jumper close in the front, both are gathered at the waist, and both have elasticized pockets. Romper has cuffed legs. Blouse has a large collar, puff sleeves with elasticized cuffs, button closure in back.

#78008 Pattern for Jumper, Romper and Blouse.......$6.50

Sasha in three piece play set ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Three piece Play Set
Essential for play time: three piece set that includes bibbed overalls, a turtleneck shirt and a hooded jacket. Jacket is completely lined - it could even be reversible. Jacket and overalls have optional contrasting pockets. Overalls have snaps at bib front and elastic in back for a good fit. Turtleneck snaps in back, has long, cuffed sleeves.

#90108 Pattern for Three piece Play Set.......$6.50

Newborn in Sailor Set ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Baby Girl's Sailor Set
This baby girl's outfit features a full skirted blouse with long, snap cuffed sleeves. Blouse snaps closed in back. Roomy pants have elastic waist and snaps at cuffs. Headband is elasticized, and has a bow trim to match the blouse. We added machine embroidery to collar and cuffs.

#64608 Pattern for Baby Girl's Sailor Set.......$6.50

Newborn boy in Sailor Romper ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Baby Boy's Sailor Set
Adorable baby boy outfit is a one piece romper with long sleeves and long legs, all with snaps at cuffs for a perfect fit. Romper snaps closed in back. We added some machine embroidery on cuffs. Exaggerated sailor cap is reversible.

#64708 Pattern for Baby Boy's Sailor Set.......$6.50

Ruffled Romper ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Ruffled Romper
Although this romper is really only one piece, if you use contrasting fabric for the sleeves and collar it looks like a blouse worn under ruffled overalls. Lots of fun fabric combinations are possible here. Romper has long sleeves and long legs, with elastic at the cuffs, and ruffled sleeve caps. Matching headband has a fabric flower and is elasticized for a snug fit.

#62908 Pattern for Ruffled Romper.......$6.50

Twin Rompers ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Twin Rompers
You don't need to have twins to make these little rompers - any of your Lee Middleton® newborns will look adorable in them. Made to look like strapped pants with shirts, they are actually one piece. Girl's version has elastic at the wrist and ankles, boy's has snapping cuffs. Matching bonnets for each.

#63408 Pattern for Twin Rompers.......$6.50

boy's wardrobe ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Boy's Wardrobe
This outfit has been very popular with several of our doll sizes, so we've created it for a couple more of them. Pleated pants have cuffed legs, pockets, Velcro fly and optional shoulder straps. Shirt is long sleeve, front buttoning, with buttoned cuffs, reversible vest has faux pocket flaps. Necktie ties around neck just like the real ones.

#76508 Pattern for Boy's Wardrobe.......$6.50

Empire Waist Angel Top Set ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Empire Waist Angel Top Set
This pretty little top has a very full skirt, long sleeves with elastic at the wrist and lace trimming at the neckline. Closes in back. Pants have elastic waist and full legs with elastic at the ankles. Bonnet has a sweet little row of lace to frame baby's face.

#78807 Pattern for Empire Waist Angel Top Set.......$6.50

Full Romper and Bonnet ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Full Romper and Bonnet
Depending on the fabrics you use, this outfit can be made to look like a blouse and pants set or blouse and overalls, or all one piece. Looks really cute on every doll we tried it on. Long sleeves and long legs with elastic cuffs. One piece romper snaps in back. It also looks really cute as pjs if you make it in flannel.

#79007 Pattern for Full Romper and Bonnet.......$6.50

Patched Play Set ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Patched Play Set
Comfy playset is designed just for chubby baby and toddler dolls. Lined jacket has a zipper front closing, contrasting trim and a patch pocket. Elastic waist pants have patches on the knees and are designed with room for a diaper inside. The rolled rim cap is easy to make and very cute on a little baby doll's head.

#77407 Pattern for Patched Play Set.......$6.50

Overalls and Hooded Jacket ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Overalls and Hooded Jacket
Baby sized set has sturdy overalls with buttons on shoulders that pull on and off easily. Button front jacket has a lined hood, big patch pockets and contrasting trim. Long sleeve turtleneck opens in back so it's easy to get on and off.

#77607 Pattern for Overalls and Hooded Jacket.......$6.50

Little Miss Fancy Pants ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Little Miss Fancy Pants
Wouldn't your favorite newborn look adorable in this pretty little outfit? One piece romper has full legs and full sleeves with lace trimmed snapping cuffs at the ankles and wrists for a great fit. Cropped jacket is lined and lace trimmed. Matching headband has fabric bow and elastic in the back for a good fit on your little one's head. I wish I had thought to make outfits this cute when my real babies were little!

#63508 Pattern for Little Miss Fancy Pants.......$6.50

Cozy Crawler ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Cozy Crawler
This three piece set will make your newborn so irresistably cuddly - you won't be able to put them down! Roomy overalls button at shoulders. They have an empire waist, gathered legs with fitted cuffs that snap at the ankles. Matching cap is lined, has a generous folded brim. Turtleneck has ribbed collar and cuffs, opens in back to make it easier to dress and undress your little one. Perfect for boys or girls.

#62708 Pattern for Cozy Crawler.......$6.50

Baby's Halloween Costumes ~ for Lee Middleton Newborns ~
Baby's Halloween Costumes
If you have baby dolls that don't want to miss the Halloween and trick or treat fun, we've got a few costumes for them. Choose a chubby little pumpkin, a colorful clown outfit or the delightful blossom outfit. Your little one will look adorable in any of them.

#81007 Pattern for Baby's Halloween Costumes.......$6.50


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