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multi dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Multi Dress
This is an easy and fun dress to make, with variations to have countless new looks. Pattern includes five different front panels, two sleeve styles and an optional fabric belt. Use different fabric selections and the possibilities are endless. Knee length dress snaps in back.

#90502 Pattern for Multi Dress.........$6.50

cardigan and dress set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Cardigan and Dress Set
Straight little dress is just below knee length, with fabric ruffle trim at the hem, and a peter pan collar. Felt or fleece cardigan ties in front. Matching beret has purchased trim. One of our most popular outfits.

#85102 Pattern for Cardigan and Dress Set.........$6.50

a-line dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
A-Line Dress
Pretty little dress has no separate bodice, so it goes together so quick. Sleeves have cuffs or elastic, Neckline is collarless or has peter pan style collar. Pattern includes full slip.

#81402 Pattern for A-Line Dress.........$6.50

Confirmation Dresses ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Confirmation Dress
Make this dress for a favorite doll and give to a young lady on this very special day of her life. It's sure to become a wonderful heirloom for her. Pretty dress has a full tea length skirt with netted petticoat to keep it puffed out. Lace and ribbon trim at waist matches trim on headpiece. Dress closes in back. Makes a pretty wedding party dress too.

#70302 Pattern for Confirmation Dress.........$6.50

Long Party Dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Long Party Dress
For those very special occasions when a floor length gown is needed, this lovely dress with a three tiered skirt would be perfect. Back snapping dress has delicate lace trim at the neckline, and short capped sleeves. Matching headband has a fabric rose that is quite easy to make, and so pretty. Add another to the bodice front, or a fancy button as a brooch.

#79102 Pattern for Long Party Dress.........$6.50

Dress & Collared Jacket ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Dress and Collared Jacket
Full skirted dress is make to look like two separates - a skirt and blouse. Dress closes in back, is knee length. Jacket has a long collar ending with little ties at the waist. Lots of possibilities depending on your choice of fabrics.

#79702 Pattern for Dress and Collared Jacket.........$6.50

Split Sleeve Dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Split Sleeve Dress
A nice all occasion dress. Fitted bodice attaches to a full skirt that is just below knee length. Split sleeves are easy to do, and fun for creative sewing. Dress opens in front with tiny little buttons running all the way to the hem (we recommend the buttons as decorations and using snaps for the actual closures - who wants to make that many tiny buttonholes?!). Matching hat included.

#79902 Pattern for Split Sleeve Dress.........$6.50

Full Dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Full Dress with Tabbed Ties
A very pretty dress that will look very different depending on the fabrics you use. Full skirted dress has no separate bodice, so there's no skirt gathering to be done. Back ties have button tabs on the front sides of the dress. Just above knee length.

#79302 Pattern for Full Dress with Tabbed Ties.........$6.50

Heirloom Dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Circle Skirt Heirloom Dress
One of our fanciest dress patterns, for the most special occasions. Two versions included in the pattern. Dress skirt is a full circle, with two lace trimmed layers. Circular collar is lace trimmed, as are the sheer, ribbon gathered sleeves. We added a purchased trim to front of collar. Back buttoning dress is knee length.

#70102 Pattern for Circle Skirt Heirloom Dress.........$6.50

Sailor Dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Sailor Dress
Wonderfully detailed dress with all the charm of the traditional original. We've updated it a bit - made the skirt fuller, with full puffed sleeves and narrow cuffs. A fabric bow meets the wide collar corners at the center front, and a second fabric bow ties in back. Very full skirt, just below knee length. Dress buttons in back.

#70202 Pattern for Sailor Dress.........$6.50

Square Collared Dress Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Square Collared Dress Set
Pretty three piece set has a dress with large square lace trimmed collar, short cap sleeves and a full skirt. Dress is knee length, back buttoning. Large brimmed bonnet is lace trimmed, with ribbon ties. Elastic waist, lace trimmed pantaloons complete this pretty outfit.

#72202 Pattern for Square Collared Dress Set.........$6.50

Full Dress with Split Skirt Pinafore ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Full Dress with Split Skirt Pinafore
This layered set includes a full skirted dress with full puff sleeves and a peter pan style collar. Dress can be worn alone, or under the split skirt pinafore. Pinafore has optional lace trim. Both close in back, knee length.

#71102 Pattern for Full Dress with Split Skirt Pinafore.........$6.50

Dress with Detachable Front Trim ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Dress with Detachable Front Trim
A pretty dress for any occasion. Puffed sleeves have inserts to keep them full. Attached pinafore skirt has button trim and detachable bib. Make more than one bib and change them for different occasions! Dress has flared skirt, fitted bodice, cuffed sleeves and buttons in back.

#71602 Pattern for Dress with Detachable Front Trim.........$6.50

Dress, Apron & Bonnet Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Dress, Apron & Bonnet Set
This little outfit is quick to make, and little girls seem to love it! Back buttoning dress is knee length, with elastic at the long sleeved wrists. Separate apron has ribbon ties in back. Bonnet has a large brim and ribbon ties.

#71502 Pattern for Dress, Apron & Bonnet Set.........$6.50

Classic School Dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Classic School Dress
I remember wearing dresses like this to school when I was in kindergarten - a looong time ago! Dress has a full skirt, puffed sleeves with elastic gathered cuffs, a full collar and a fabric bow in back. Knee length, back buttoning.

#72702 Pattern for Classic School Dress.........$6.50

Dress, Pinafore and Hat Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Dress, Pinafore and Hat Set
Use two coordinating prints or a print and a solid to make this colorful three piece set. Dress has full skirt, short puffed sleeves and full collar. Dress can be worn alone, or under pinafore. Pinafore ties at sides, has lace trimmed edging. Matching floppy brimmed hat can be made in one or both colors.

#71302 Pattern for Dress, Pinafore and Hat Set.........$6.50

Front Button Dress and Hat Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Front Button Dress and Hat Set
This timeless dress buttons all the way down the front. Flared skirt is just below knee. Contrasting collar and cuffs. Floppy brimmed hat completes the outfit.

#72302 Pattern for Front Button Dress and Hat Set.........$6.50

Dress, Vest and Apron ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Dress, Vest and Apron
This simple little outfit is a good pattern to use up some of your colorful scraps. Mix and match the three pieces. Dress is cute in solids or prints. Full skirt is knee length, buttons in back, has short sleeves and a small rounded collar. Apron ties in back; simple vest is reversible.

#71402 Pattern for Dress, Vest and Apron.........$6.50

Long Dress and Pinafore ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Long Dress and Pinafore
I took this design from outfits I made my own daughters and their dolls many years ago. They look just as cute today. Dress has long sleeves with elastic gathering at cuffs, lace trimmed neck edge and a full skirt. Two lengths - either knee length or mid calf. Pinafore has gathered cap sleeves, back ties and a full skirt. Pattern includes three optional full color iron-on transfers for pinafore yoke.

#72902 Pattern for Long Dress and Pinafore.........$6.50

Long Sleeve Dress, Pinafore and Bloomers ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Long Sleeve Dress, Pinafore and Bloomers
Long sleeve dress has elastic at the cuffs, a full skirt and large rounded collar. Back buttoning, knee length. Pinafore ties in back, has gathered sleeve caps and a full apron. Can be worn without the dress as a summer play set with elastic leg bloomers, included in pattern.

#71202 Pattern for Long Sleeve Dress, Pinafore and Bloomers.........$6.50

Short Dress with Beret ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Short Dress with Beret
A versatile little dress that can be worn as a short dress, or over leggings and boots as a long blouse. Long sleeved, collarless dress is a breeze to make. Front buttoning, just above knee. Simple beret adds a cute touch. This outfit looks really cute in large bold prints.

#71702 Pattern for Short Dress with Beret.........$6.50

 Classic A Line Dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Classic A Line Dress
Popular A-line dress never goes out of style. Paneled skirt has no gathers, is quick and easy to make. Dress has short sleeves with contrasting cuffs, peter pan style contrasting collar and fabric bow trim. Back buttoning, knee length.

#70602 Pattern for Classic A Line Dress.........$6.50

Two Sleeveless Dresses ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Two Sleeveless Dresses
Delicate, summery garden dresses in two styles are easy to make. Both collarless dresses have a slightly flared skirt that is calf length. One has butterfly trim at shoulder and waist with a matching headband. The other has floral/ribbon trim at the waist with a coordinating trimmed hat. Both dresses snap in back.

#70802 Pattern for Two Sleeveless Dresses.........$6.50

Drop Waist, Box Pleat Dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Drop Waist, Box Pleat Dress
A perfect school dress, with wide box pleats, drop waist and V neck collar with ribbon bow trim. Short sleeves are cuffed. Dress is mid calf length, snaps in back. Looks especially cute in plaid.

#74002 Pattern for Drop Waist, Box Pleat Dress.........$6.50

Drop Waist, Box Pleat Dress ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Long Coat
Calf length coat has a rounded collar, slightly flared skirt and high button or snap closure. Ear warmer cap ties under the chin. Outfit looks especially cute made in fleece or soft corduroy.

#81802 Pattern for Long Coat........$6.50

felt jackets ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Felt Jacket and Cap Set
Simple to make felt jackets are made to be decorated. Pull out all your odd buttons and assorted trims and have a ball! Pattern includes large hat and applique designs.

#81902 Pattern for Felt Jacket and Cap Set........$6.50

fur jacket & pillbox ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Fur Jacket and Pillbox Style Hat
Hip length jacket has a single optional button at neckline. Designed to be made of fake fur or fleece. Easy to make and looks so cute, with or without a collar. Dress up the set with your fanciest buttons.

#82002 Pattern for Fur Jacket and Pillbox Style Hat........$6.50

pjs for girls and boys ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Pajamas for Girls and Boys
These pjs have a long or short sleeve front closing pj top and long or short elastic waist pants. Designed for boys or girls, just depends on which way you overlap the fronts.

#85302 Pattern for Pajamas for Girls and Boys........$6.50

Summer and Winter Pajamas ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Summer and Winter Pajamas
For chilly winter nights, make the floor length nightgown, with long sleeves and elastic at gathered wrists. For summer comfort, make the angel top pajamas with short puffed sleeves and matching panties. Both angel top and nightgown have a rounded collar, gathered skirt and snap closings in back.

#74502 Pattern for Summer and Winter Pajamas........$6.50

Robe, Gown and Bunny Slippers ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Robe, Gown and Bunny Slippers
Robe has wide, folded cuffs, tie belt, a roomy pocket and a cozy rolled collar. Slip-on style nightgown has elastic at neckline with lace trim at neckline and cuffs. Raglan sleeves are easy to make. Gown and robe are mid calf length. Bunny slippers made of felt and fleece have little googly eyes. Ankle straps keep them on little feet.

#74402 Pattern for Robe, Gown and Bunny Slippers........$6.50

Necessities and Niceties ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Necessities and Niceties
Simple to make undies have a narrow elastic waist. Matching undershirt has ribbon trim. Three piece winter set includes fleece or jersey stocking cap, fringed scarf and mittens. Sleeping bag is reversible, with ribbon ties and a matching pillow. Also included in pattern, but not shown, are a tote bag and a shoulder bag.

#74302 Pattern for Necessities and Niceties........$6.50

Hooded Parka and Snowpants ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Hooded Parka and Snowpants
Get ready for winter with this cozy set. Zipper front, lined parka has optional fleece trimmed hood. Matching snowpants have shoulder straps and elastic at ankles. Cute in wool blends, fleece, corduroy or quilted nylon.

#73802 Pattern for Hooded Parka and Snowpants........$6.50

Dress Coat and Beret ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Dress Coat and Beret
Classic A-line styled coat will fit nicely over just about any outfit your doll is wearing. Contrasting collar, cuffs and faux pockets. Add some pretty buttons and you're done. Pretty with velvet trim.

#74202 Pattern for Dress Coat and Beret........$6.50

Anorak Jacket ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Anorak Jacket
For the chilliest of days, this jacket is perfect. Lined jacket has a drawstring waist, roomy cargo pockets, fully lined hood and warm cuffs. A very cute item that's easy to make.

#74102 Pattern for Anorak Jacket........$6.50

Baseball Jacket and Cap ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Baseball Jacket and Cap
Durable set looks cute on boy or girls. Easy to assemble jacket has raglan sleeves and snaps up the front. Collar, cuffs and bottom band are ribbed. Baseball cap is a breeze to make - and so cute!

#73902 Pattern for Baseball Jacket and Cap........$6.50

cross-back summer set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Cross Back Summer Set
Airy set for hot summer days. Features a slightly flared top with shoulder straps that cross in back and button in the front. Below knee pants have elastic waist. Triangle head scarf ties behind the neck. A fun and easy pattern to make.

#71802 Pattern for Cross Back Summer Set........$6.50

cargo pants ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Cargo Pants
Your kids are going to want these durable cargo pants - not just for summer, but all year round. Pants have drawstring waist and 6 pockets. Leg pockets have flaps so treasures won't fall out. If you have some worn out pants around your house, you can cut them up to make these cargos! Cute for boys or girls.

#82502 Pattern for Cargo Pants........$6.50

skorts set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Summer Skort Set
Our new skort set includes the skorts and long and short sleeve simple t-shirts. T-shirts have attached sleeves so there's no sleeve seam to sew. Shirts all close in back for a good fit and ease in dressing and undressing your girls. Skorts have elastic in the back for a good fit. These outfits are fun to trim with appliques or machine embroidery.

#82302 Pattern for Summer Skort Set........$6.50

flare pants set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Flare Pants Set
This cute play set is incredibly easy to make and a looks so cute on these dolls. Flared pants have elastic waist. You can embellish them with ribbon, machine embroidery or appliques for all sorts of cute outfits. Raglan sleeve shirts are easy to make in short or long sleeves. Make regular length or crop top style. All have back closing for a good fit and ease in dressing and undressing your girls.

#82402 Pattern for Flare Pants Set........$6.50

contest outfit ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Skirted Romper Set
This is a very versatile play set for your little ladies. Outfit includes a one piece romper with short cuffed sleeves and elasticized, below the knee, legs with a back closing. Skirt is wrap style that ties in back. Outfit is completed with a reversible sailor style cap. (If you saw last fall's sewing contest on our site, this was the pattern used for it.)

#81302 Pattern for Skirted Romper Set........$6.50

romper and pinafore set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Romper and Pinafore
This romper has full gathered, long sleeves and long legs with elasticized cuffs. Peter pan style collar. Wear alone or with pinafore and cap. Looks cute with a ribbon belt.

#81502 Pattern for Romper and Pinafore........$6.50

Autumn romper and vest ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Square Collar Romper Set
This romper has long sleeves and long legs gathered to snapping cuffs for a great fit. Back snapping romper has a square collar that is perfect for appliques or embroidery. Vest and cap are reversible.

#81202 Pattern for Square Collar Romper Set........$6.50

Angel Top and Slacks ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Angel Top and Slacks
This is one of those outfits that little girls really seem to like. Full skirted blouse has long or short sleeves with elastic at the cuffs and lace trim at the neck. Snaps in back. Slacks are elastic waist, to be made as ankle length, pedal pushers or shorts. Headband is elasticized too.

#79402 Pattern for Angel Top and Slacks........$6.50

3 pc Summer Play Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Three Piece Summer Play Set
A very pretty outfit for those hot summer days ahead. Empire waist short dress has short sleeves or is sleeveless, with buttons in the back. Contrasting pockets match the elastic waist bloomers with knee length elasticized legs. Add the floppy brimmed hat to keep sun out of little faces.

#79802 Pattern for Three Piece Summer Play Set........$6.50

Ruffle Trim Capri Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Ruffle Trim Capri Set
This stretchy set is the latest style, complete with matching string tie bandana. Front closing blouse has 3/4 length sleeves and lettuce edge trim. Capri pants have elastic waist, and lettuce edge trim. Bandana, also with matching lettuce edge trim, ties at nape of neck.

#80802 Pattern for Ruffle Trim Capri Set........$6.50

Beach Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Beach Set
All the essential beach gear for a day in the sun - swimsuit, coverup, sun hat, and a tote to carry it all in. Coverup looks especially cute made in terrycloth (old towels work great, they're nice and soft). Features a lined hood, roomy pockets and tie front. Matching hat is also lined. Swimsuit is a simple one piece, pull on style, made of t-shirt knit or spandex type fabric.

#80602 Pattern for Beach Set........$6.50

Durable Denims ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Durable Denims
Great playwear for any doll. Four piece set includes bibbed overalls and bibbed skirt, both with shoulder straps and elasticized back waistband. Hooded jacket has zipper front, patch pockets and cuffs. Turtleneck has snap closure in back. Cute in denim, cotton blends, corduroy.

#77502 Pattern for Durable Denims........$6.50

Bibbed Overalls and Skirt ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Bibbed Overalls and Skirt
Top stitched overalls and skirt each have five pockets. Buttons at side and top corners of bibs make them easy to get on and off. Cute with turtlenecks or blouses.

#78102 Pattern for Bibbed Overalls and Skirt........$6.50

Heart Trim Jacket Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Heart Trim Jacket Set
Make this cute set in a wool blend, fleece or corduroy - it's guaranteed to become an instant favorite! Slightly flared jacket has contrasting collar, cuffs and patch pockets. We added buttons to match the appliques. Bonnet has wide brim, snapping neck strap and appliques to match jacket. Elastic waist pants have contrasting cuffs and knee patches. Five different applique designs include a simple heart, star, flower, cat and bear.

#72402 Pattern for Heart Trim Jacket Se........$6.50

Four Pocket Jeans ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Four Pocket Jeans
A very basic item in any wardrobe - plain old jeans. Made with double stitched side seams, top stitched pockets and hems and an easy to do simulated fly. These are easier to make than you might think!

#75702 Pattern for Four Pocket Jeans........$6.50

Angel Top, Shorts and Hat Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Angel Top, Shorts and Hat Set
An adorable set for hot summer days. Light angel top has shoulder straps that button to bib. Make the front pocket in a fabric to match the elastic waist shorts. Sailor style hat is easy to make - looks especially cute in two colors. Add an applique to the turned up brim.

#77102 Pattern for Angel Top, Shorts and Hat Set........$6.50

Bibbed Shorts and Hat Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Bibbed Shorts and Hat Set
The perfect play outfit for the hottest of summer days. Made in cotton duck, cotton blend or lightweight denim. Shorts button on shoulders. Colorful pocket on front is easy to do. Floppy brimmed hat has an applique to match the pocket on the shorts.

#77002 Pattern for Bibbed Shorts and Hat Set........$6.50

Shorts & T-Shirt Set ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Shorts & T-Shirt Set
Elastic waist shorts are incredibly easy to make in two styles. Two styles of t-shirts - back closing and pullovers. We add a simple applique to the t-shirt to match the shorts.

#76802 Pattern for Shorts & T-Shirt Set........$6.50

Sweatshirt and Leggings ~ for 18" Magic Attic ~
Sweatshirt and Leggings
Sweatshirt is simple pullover style, with ribbed or self fabric collar, cuffs and bottom band. Leggings have elastic waist. Matching headband is elasticized in back, with a fabric flower trim in front. Pattern includes suggestions and instructions for simple applique and fabric paint embellishments. Sweatshirts are cute on boy dolls and teddy bears too!

#76202 Pattern for Sweatshirt and Leggings........$6.50

baseball uniform ~ for 18" Magic Attic Club ~
Baseball Uniform
Baseball fans, here's your chance to uniform your favorite dolls in your favorite team colors. Or make several uniforms and have your own doll team. Uniform consists of a front closing shirt with raglan sleeves, elastic waist below knee pants, and a baseball cap. Fun and easy to make.

#85702 Pattern for Baseball Uniform........$6.50

basketball uniform ~ for 18" Magic Attic Club ~
Basketball Uniform
Another easy to make sports uniform - the basketball outfit. Cute on boys or girls - make it in your favorite team colors. Fun to add large numbers or creative team logos to the shirts with iron on transfers, or acrylic paints.

#86002 Pattern for Basketball Uniform........$6.50

gymnastics set ~ for 18" Magic Attic Club ~
Gymnastics Outfit
Got any budding gymnasts in your house? They may need one of these cute outfits. Consists of the basic pull on leotard and elastic waist tights. The perfect practice outfit for any gymnast. Add a tulle or netted skirt and you can make a pretty ballerina outfit with this pattern.

#85802 Pattern for Gymnastics Outfit........$6.50

martial arts set ~ for 18" Magic Attic Club ~
Martial Arts Set
This outfit consists of the wrap style top with tie belt, and elastic waist pants. Outfit is normally made in white cotton. You decide on the color for the belt, depending on the class level. Add a little embroidery or applique if you like. Quick and easy to make, and looks cute on the dolls.

#85902 Pattern for Martial Arts Set........$6.50

Witch Costume ~ for 18" Magic Attic Club ~
Halloween Witch Costume
Get ready for trick or treating with this versatile witch costume. Sleeved cape ties in front. Add the pointy hat and you're ready for a haunting good time. Outfit can also be used to make a pretty cool wizard outfit, too.

#85602 Pattern for Halloween Witch Costume........$6.50

Clown Costume ~ for 18" Magic Attic Club ~
Halloween Clown Costume
The classic favorite costume - a clown outfit. Pull out your craziest fabrics and brightest colors for this outfit. Top closes in back, has elastic at the wrists. Pants have elastic at the waist and ankles. Pointy hat can have an elastic chin strap. Get creative with this pattern.

#85502 Pattern for Halloween Clown Costume........$6.50

Cheerleader Costume ~ for 18" Magic Attic Club ~
Cheerleader Costume
This cute outfit can be used for Halloween, or for sports. Make it in your favorite team colors. One piece dress snaps closed in back, has pleated skirt. Pom-poms are a breeze to make. Add embroidery, transfers or appliques to dress up the front.

#85402 Pattern for Cheerleader Costume........$6.50

felt shoes ~ for Magic Attic Club Dolls ~
Felt Shoe Pattern
Now you can make adorable shoes to match every outfit you create! These shoes go together quickly, either by machine or handstitching. Uppers are made of interfaced felt, soles are fun foam. Four buckle styles plus flats included in pattern. Just a few simple pieces for each shoe. Shoes go on easily and are quite durable. Great fun to embellish too - add toe trims like bows, tiny flowers, ribbons or beads. Once you make your first pair, you'll be hooked!

#40802 Mailed Pattern for Felt Shoes........$9.95


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