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lime bird Limebird the Parrot
Limebird is a 7" tall stuffed parrot, who can be made of felt or fleece. Simple design & easy to assemble, this stuffed friend only takes 3 sheets of felt to complete (plus scraps for accents). All your bird loving friends and family members will want one. They don't have to all be lime colored, either!

#006 PDF Pattern for Limebird the Parrot........$4.25

pinky Pinky the Elephant
Pinky is a 9" tall stuffed elephant, who can be made of felt or fleece. Simple & easy to make, this stuffed friend only takes 3 sheets of felt to complete (plus scraps for accents). Made of fleece, he's super soft and cuddly. Pinky is a simplified, smaller version of our Blue Elephant.

#007 PDF Pattern for Pinky the Elephant........$4.25

Nigel Bear Nigel the Traveling Bear
Nigel is the cuddliest stuffed toy we've made. He's got floppy arms and legs, big feet and droopy ears. Kids seem to love him though, and so do adults. We made him from in fake fur, though he'd be cute in chenille too. Pattern includes his Hawaii vacation outfit of shorts, t-shirt, Hawaiian button front shirt and sun visor.

#2001 PDF Pattern for Nigel the Traveling Bear.........$9.90

blue elephant Blue Elephant
Blue Elephant is made in the style of old fashion felt toys. He's simple to make, even for beginners. Blue Elephant is made of felt, stands about 16 inches tall, and is equally suited for flannel, chenille or denim.

#2003 PDF Pattern for Blue Elephant............ $7.90

Mitch puppy Mitch the Puppy
Mitch is a cuddly, adorable puppy you'll have fun making and everyone will have fun playing with. He stands about seven inches tall, with a comical face and floppy ears. Only four simple pattern pieces needed to make him. He's cute in fluffy fake fur, soft fleece, terrycloth or even chenille. Mitch's head can be made to swivel so he can cock his head at the cutest angle. Pattern includes his bed and dog biscuit as well as his collar. He's just the right size to be a perfect pet for your My Twinn, American Girl, Lee Middleton or similar sized dolls.

#2002 PDF Pattern for Mitch the Puppy...........$7.90
florence kitty Florence the Kitty
Florence is a small cuddly kitten you'll have fun making! And everyone loves a tiny cat - or two. She stands about seven inches tall, and can be made of many plush materials. Add her kitty pillow and her favorite mouse toy for an adorable set! Simple to make with a fixed or turning head (you use a teddy bear joint).

#2011 PDF Pattern for Florence the Cat...........$7.90
Frankasaurus & Donavon Dinosaur
Donavon Dinosaur
Meet Donovan Dino - one of the happiest, silliest dinosaurs you'll ever see! Donavon is 18 inches tall, and made of soft flannel so he's cuddly as can be. Pattern shows you how to finish the dinosaur two ways - one with colorful spots and yarn hair, and the other with soft pointy spines. Both are absolutely delightful!

#2006 PDF Pattern for Donavon Dinosaur.........$9.90

toys for dolls
Tiny Toys and Dolls
This pattern includes 12 little dolls and animals for play or display. Includes a rag doll, a pretty faced dolly, teddy bear and stuffed dog, each in three different sizes. Dolls are made of muslin, with yarn or floss hair. Pattern includes simple clothing for each. Dog and Bear have button joints and can be made from muslin, felt or lightweight flannel. A total of 12 different soft toys, ranging in size from about 2 inches to 10 inches tall. Cute to be displayed with your doll collection, or fun for youngsters to play with. Perfect way to use up some of your scraps.

#2010 PDF Pattern for Tiny Toys and Dolls.........$9.90

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